Gender Diverse Care Coalition of New Hampshire

The Gender Diverse Care Coalition of New Hampshire is a group of providers across specialties whose mission is to expand access to gender affirmative care through training, consultation, resource sharing and advocacy. We maintain a list of transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse affirming resources in NH and surrounding states. Our list includes word-of-mouth referrals by clients as well as providers we network with around working with gender diverse communities. This list includes everything from therapists to hair stylists to surgeons as well as links to information about changing legal documents.

We also offering training and consultation for therapists. On our site you will find educational resources for therapists and other providers as well as information about our upcoming trainings.

May 14th Training


Check out some of our recent blog posts sharing resources to help providers becoming better informed about working with gender diverse individuals:

Transgender Basics Video

This 20 minute video is a great introduction to transgender communities and has helpful tips for providers. This video was created by the Gender Identity Project and features transgender individuals speaking about their own experiences. Watch Transgender Basics here.

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